The Corporate Strategy department comprises of a core team with a wealth of experience behind them coming from other OEMs such as Bentley, JLR and Aston Martin.

The group is set amongst two sites, Lotus HQ at Hethel and the Midlands.

Our Executive Director has been at lotus since 2018. Prior to Lotus, he was pivotal in turning the Mulliner brand at Bentley into a profitable and successful division.

What we do

The main purpose and vision of the department is to bring Lotus into the forefront of the automotive industry, promoting a better lifestyle through a variety of products and services, which are to be obtained through strategic partnerships.

This often entails a lot of travel across the globe to other OEMs or organisations. Travel will also be necessary to hold discussions with our parent company or other organisations that fall under the Geely umbrella such as Sweden, Germany and America.

What we look for

To be a part of the team requires a multitude of skills. The role entails being able to forecast the future and using intelligent planning and partnerships to utilise the company’s resources and finances in the most effective and efficient manner to ensure you are always ahead of your main competitors. The most confidential information is often viewed, so it is critical that you remain professional and safeguard the company’s interest whether you are in or out of work.