The Lotus Quality team are focused on ensuring that the expectations of our customers both internal and external are always met and exceeded. We continuously drive to ensure our product achieve world leading level of quality and customer satisfaction.

To enable us to achieve the levels of quality expected by our customers, we count on our highly skilled team that display flexible approach and use a broad range of quality tools to continuously improve both our products and processes.

Lead by our Global Head of Quality, the Quality department is split into 5 key areas that have a presence at all Lotus facilities.

New Product Quality

The team sets the quality aspirations for new vehicles, in conjunction with the Design and Project teams, and influences every element through the engineering development phases.

Supplier Quality Assurance

The team supports all phases of a project, from supplier nomination through to ensuring parts are approved for production. It also plays a major role in continuously improving the current range of cars.

Production Quality Assurance

The team is integrated into the production process to ensure our cars comply with the quality standards, so meeting the needs of our customers.

Current Production Quality

The team’s role is to continuously improve our products by acting on feedback from our customers and dealers, which involves working closely with Engineering and Manufacturing teams.

Quality Management System

Detailing our procedures, assessing periodically our processes through audits, generating and controlling improvement plans, these are the foundations of how we work at Lotus. A solid QMS supports us to remain compliant to internationally recognised quality standards.

What we do

Quality is present throughout our organisation working within end-to-end value streams to deliver the best possible quality product to our customers. Our work occurs before, during and after the development of new products, helping to ensure our customers’ requirements and expectations are met, we rigorously evaluate suppliers providing parts used in our products. In production, we have a special team that analyses and tests all the details in the vehicle ensuring the established quality standards are met and give the “ok to go” so the product can be delivered to the customer. Our Current production quality team evaluate customer feedback after the sale to resolve issues and improve our products in collaboration with our engineering and manufacturing teams. We audit these processes to ensure we maintain our ISO and other standard certifications and add to the ethos of continuous improvement.

What we look for

Our team is customer obsessed and we are always looking for new and better ways of doing things. To join our team, we look for people that share the same customer focus we have, are process driven with critical sense and curiosity to question the status quo, and proactivity to lead the required changes. Attention to detail and good communication skills are key characteristics that completes the Lotus Quality Team profile.

Why we do it

We do it for the drivers. Colin Chapman said, “good enough is not enough” We do it to be better, to improve what we do and how we do it.