Lotus Engineering Services

Lotus Engineering is split into commercial and project teams which win and delivery engineering projects for a global customer base.

Team members are based in Lotus Hethel, Midlands Engineering Centre and Lotus China.

Lotus Engineering is focused on delivering technology focused engineering services, performance through lightweight solutions and world leading driving dynamics.

What we do

Lotus Engineering delivers projects ranging from a few thousand-pound technical consultancy reports to multi-million-pound full vehicle programmes.

The commercial team will work with customers to define their requirements, negotiate price, terms and build key business relationships.

The project teams will provide technical sales, qualifying the opportunities to understand the resources and facility requirements, and track cost, quality and timings as project are executed.

What we look for

All roles with Lotus Engineering require a combination of inward-and outward facing tasks, you will be comfortable meeting new customers and developing relationships to win business with our commercial team, in parallel working closely with our engineering and project management teams to define and deliver business.

We require multi-disciplined engineers with a strong understanding of complete vehicle development They require the ability to explain technical requirements with ease, conviction and credibility to our customers and colleagues.

We need strategic thinkers, with excellent communication skills. Keen to take initiative, and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment across many global cultures.

Why we do it

Lotus Engineering has a 40 year history and strong reputation of delivering innovative projects that have shaped the automotive industry. Our team is focussed to continue this legacy and deliver future projects as the industry enters a new era of electric vehicles.