Material Planning & Logistics

The Lotus MP&L team is a growing team managing all aspects of Supply Chain functionality for all Lotus facilities and our Global Customer and Supply base.

The main centre of operations is at Hethel but team members are located at other Lotus facilities as required.

The over riding objective of this function is creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging logistics, synchronising supply with demand, and measuring enterprise performance.

Led by our Director of MP&L the function is developing in order to meet the requirements of a responsive, agile, customer-centric organisation.

What we do

We design, plan, execute, and control, supply chain activities which encompass virtually every aspect of Lotus’ business, from planning through after sale service. Based around four key supply chain functions the organisation covers all aspects of external and internal material and product movement, inventory management, Manufacturing and Supplier scheduling and design of supply networks and supplier footprints.

What we look for

Working in Supply Chain as it covers such a wide aspect of the business requires a range of general and technical skills. Logic, tenacity and an ability to work well in often short lead time situations are a few key attributes. Problem solving and root caused based solutions are at the core of many things we do.

Depending on the area of Supply Chain an ability/interest to work with complex scheduling systems, Global knowledge of logistics routes, supply base locations, methods of storing and material flow would be beneficial.

Equally softer skills of dealing directly with supply partners, negotiating agreements and following up on performance are often required.

Why we do it

The MP&L function needs people who enjoy complex challenges and have a desire to optimise an end to end situation. This requires understanding and optimising the financial and market impact of every product and material related decision or transaction that occurs anywhere in the company.

A wide reaching portfolio which forms the glue to hold together several other business functions in order to ensure the best solution is operated for the whole operation.