Supplier Quality Assurance

The SQA team is split into 2 main teams managing all aspects of Supplier Quality activities for New product introduction and current model product, ensuring that customer expectation, quality targets and concern resolutions are delivered.All activities are undertaken with a view of ensuring continuous improvement of both product and processes.

What we do

Key activities carried out by SQA are :-

  • Supplier Auditing and Approval
  • Supplier Nomination
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning ( APQP )
  • Production Part Approval process ( PPAP )
  • Lotus global supply base management
  • Concern and Correct action management
  • Production Line concern ( supplier related )
  • Reject / scrap parts management
  • Parts / component inspection
  • Supplier Development and improvement activities.

What we look for

Our team requires individuals with a strong background in Quality assurance coupled with a good knowledge of component manufacturing processes and assembly. Attention to detail, excellent planning skills with the ability to communicate across all levels / departments and suppliers are key attributes. Problem resolution and corrective actions skills are fundamental to our success. The ability to work as part of cross functional teams and individually is essential.

A drive to seek and demonstrate continual improvements of both product and process is a core attribute of SQA.

Why we do it

Everything we do is for the Drivers, to be world class and drive continual improvement.