Manufacturing employs nearly 500 people, located over 4 sites, Worcester, Wellingborough, Vulcan Rad and Hethel. This footprint is changing as our facilities grow.

What we do

The main activities undertaken are:

  • Construction of chassis and front-end assemblies.
  • Fuel tank manufacture, machining of components.
  • Anodising of material, body assembly and paint shop.
  • Power train assembly, trim shop and composites.
  • Model assembly.

What we look for

The department has a range of work roles.

General operatives, plus skilled operators, e.g. Welders, Paint Sprayers, Electrical and Mechanical skilled operatives.

Team leaders, who run small work groups within specific functions.

Supervisors, who typically have 3, 4 Team Leader groups, who set and Manage short term objectives via KPIs.

Managers, who Develop Strategic and Business plans that support the overall Company objectives.

Why we do it

We are a focused and motivated group, who manufacture world renowned products. Through us, our customers receive products which are often to satisfy dreams that the owners have had for many years.