It is the objective of Lotus Design to create thrilling world class products, that are beautiful, visually innovative and that satisfy the customers requirements whilst incorporating our brands unique core values.

The established team operates out of a purpose built 3 studio complex at the companies HQ in Norfolk England

Under the leadership of our World renowned Design director the department is divided into 4 main divisions :

  • Design – This includes exterior Design, Interior Design and Colour and materials
  • Modelling – This includes Clay modelling, Milling and Rapid prototyping
  • Digital modelling – This includes concept modelling, A Class surfacing and visualisation
  • Programme management and Administration

Each of these divisions are populated by highly driven and skilled team members who eat sleep and drink the dream to create the best product possible.

What we do

Our primary function is to create the optimum aesthetic solutions for every visual component or surface on both the exterior and interior of the car. Our role also extends beyond the car to support the visual aspects of the Lotus brand.

We are specifically involved from first concept through to the release of A class data but we typically follow the development of the product through to production, ensuring that design intent is maintained

Our deliverables are sketches, digital models, scale models, full size clay models and animations of design proposal.

What we look for

Our team members are obsessive about creating the best product possible. We are constantly asking ourselves “is it good enough, is it Lotus enough”. We drive ourselves hard and we drive those around us hard to achieve this goal . We treat our job seriously but we don’t treat ourselves seriously and ensure that we have fun whilst we are doing the job.

To join our team, we look for people that share the same passion for the Lotus marque, performance cars and design. Creativity, design skills and a questioning mind combined with tenacity and good communication skills are essential key characteristics .