New Product Quality

The NPQ team is split into Project Quality Management, Perceived Quality, Quality Engineering & Evaluation and Dimensional Quality. The team of 17 (currently) support all new projects for Lotus including 3rd Party engineering projects. The team is based at Hethel although we have recently be successfully working remotely during project development phase.

We ensure the highest levels of perceived and actual quality & reliability are engineering into our cars right from the beginning.

What we do

The New Product Quality Team’s role in the Product Development Cycle is to act as the voice of the customer during the vehicle development phase and through to the first vehicle deliveries.

We have to ensure the vehicles meet or exceed the customer’s expectations by focusing on the design, engineering, part and process quality to deliver the highest levels of perceived Quality and perhaps more importantly, reliability in our products.

Our main tasks are:

  • Define quality strategies, targets and plans, ensuring that the product content can deliver the customer focused quality targets.
  • Collate customer feedback data and challenge the organisation to act upon the results.
  • Lead the PD quality process ensuring efficiency within quality methods and tools, including program lessons learned.
  • Ensure we learn from our mistakes, performing quality history reviews to prevent re-occurrence of customer (internal & external) issues.

Conduct Quality Reliability Testing during launch, to replicate real world usage and identify potential customer issues before cars are released to market.

What we look for

NPQ requires people with a Quality focus in everything they do. Attention to detail is key and an ability to take a customer viewpoint. It is important that team members can see the bigger picture and can be pragmatic whilst driven to delivering the highest levels of quality into our product. Excellent people skills are key to success.