Manufacturing Engineering

We define Lotus Cars’ Manufacturing Strategy, working with key stakeholders across the business to create the highest quality, most efficient, and most cost-effective vehicle designs and deliver best practice Manufacturing processes and facilities.

Locations – Hethel and Vulcan Rd/Hurricane Way.

What we look for

Manufacturing Process & Facility Engineering from key Automotive disciplines i.e. Body Assembly, Paint, Trim, Final & Chassis Assembly and VCaTS, Programme Management and Co-Ordination, Industrial Engineering, Headcount Planning.

The types of people / behaviours that are successful – Self-motivated people who look to solve problems through innovative thinking.  Genuine team players who want to work with a broad range of business stakeholders, who deliver what they commit to and who take pride in their achievements.

Why we do it

We have a huge opportunity to change the business and we’re driving that change right now.  We are delivering new “state of the art” production facilities for Evija and future models including new paint and trim and final assembly facility investing over £27M in the process.  Our future production facilities will be as flexible as possible and enable future growth of the company for many years.